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Most aren’t. Some are. There is a current “ugly sweater” craze that draws attention to the Chaad Powers MVP 200 Think Fast Run Fast American Football shirt and I will buy this worst. But there is some, if not completely fashionable, at least acceptable and pleasing Christmas wear. Means: Hey Holy Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Indus, Kaveri rivers! You (all rivers) visit to this water. “One such mantra is that we convert normal water to holly water during Seven Circumambulations & Seven Vows in Hindu Wedding.” What do you mean by “dress up”. My approach would be to be naked under the sweater. The material would probably make my little nipples stand out, That would be good!

Chaad Powers MVP 200 Think Fast Run Fast American Football shirt, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

But, I would not be surprised if you or a family member have a plain sweater hidden in the Chaad Powers MVP 200 Think Fast Run Fast Football shirt and I will buy this back of the closet, that is never worn anymore, to use for the project. First, there is no such thing as cultural appropriation. People copy each other’s ideas, that’s as old as humanity, and brought us to where we are. You’re not taking away ideas from the other culture. Christmas as in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is typical for christianity. Celebrating that basically makes you a christian. Then there’s the whole midwinter thing with decorating trees, snow and cosiness. That’s an old Germanic tradition that predates christianity. It was to celebrate the return of light after the longest night/shortest day around December 20th. That’s why we celebrate it at Dec 25th, instead of midsummer, where Jesus’ birth was dated according to the bible. By decorating the evergreen pine trees, the people celebrated the only things still green in a further barren winter landscape.